About Us



Mission Statement: Preserving the remaining green on earth for a better future for the Middle East, Africa, and beyond.
At Solarwindme, we feel strongly that alternative energy technologies play an essential role in protecting the environment and building a sustainable energy future. Solarwindme’s mission is to provide the most efficient and advanced renewable technology to our customers.  We aim to be a leader in the Solar and Wind sector by providing the most advanced products available in the market.
 We aim to accomplish our goals by providing the lowest-possible delivery costs and highest-possible power curve.
Our Commitment

Renewable or "green" power is the alternative for the near future. Concerns about oil dependence, nuclear risk and air quality have been driving forces behind many of the initiatives and mandates currently being implemented around the world.
Solarwindme will do its best to provide the most economical and reliable power while limiting the impact on the environment. Solarwindme is committed to using the earth's resources wisely, supporting the advancement of emerging technologies, and helping our clients to use energy as efficiently as possible.
We are based in Lebanon and our aim is to create a global network across the Middle East and Africa.